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United States, Vermont – Guitarist & Singer-Songwriter Steven Dwight Longe was born in Plattsburgh, New York on June 26th, 1965 while his parents resided in Vermont. Steven was raised in Hinesburgh/Huntington Vermont and lived in the Lazy Brook Trailer Park as a young boy then moved to a House in Monkton, VT and attended Monkton Elementary School – Kindergarten in 1970. Steven then moved to the city of Burlington, Vermont at age 6 in 1971 where he started 1st grade at Lawrence Barnes Elementary School on North Street in Burlington. Steven attended Edmunds Middle School grades 7 & 8 then in 1980 Burlington High School. Steven grew up on lower North Street (1971-1982) then Pitkin Street 1983. During Steven’s Teens he wanted to learn to play the guitar. Steven did odd jobs for the elderly in the neighborhood saved his money and bought his first guitar – It was a Yamaha he purchased at a local mall’s music shop in 1976. From then on Steven would play his guitar daily for hours without formal lessons mainly rhythms. Steven shares:

” As a boy I loved to hear songs with Acoustic Guitars. My inspiration began at 11 years old in 1976 when the band Boston and their songs “More than a Feeling” & “Peace of Mind” caught my ear. The Finger Picking and the Acoustic Strumming propelled me to take up the guitar. I loved listening to Jim Croce’s “Operator” being a total Acoustic composition and many songs from James Taylor. This fueled my hunger to learn how to play.”

As luck would have it, Steven ran into a teacher who played guitar and taught Steven various finger picking sequences and strums. Steven Shares:

“As a boy, it was hard to find someone to teach and with little means, paid lessons were not an option. I was able to pickup some lessons from time to time and a certain Burlington High School Algebra Teacher – Cliff White happened to play guitar. Cliff was kind and for the joy of teaching and by his giving, Cliff taught me various finger picking styles and the intro to Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” All else is self taught with God given natural rhythm ability.”

Upon graduating from Burlington High School, Steven moved out of his house at age 17, and roommated with 2 friends, Brian Little and Bobby Krause. Brian at that time played the Bass Guitar and Robert the Drums.

Steven Explains:

“Then life happened. I graduated from High School and needed to live on my own so I put away the guitar and started my career working for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983. At that time my ambitions were in the corporate world and for the next quarter century my passion for playing the guitar and my creativity in music lay dormant. From time to time I would play music a bit with my friends or when I happened across an acoustic guitar. This was during the period of time I first moved out on my own. As time passed, returning to school and working full-time left me with little time for anything. I put away my musical ambitions (didn’t know I had ambitions then) for a steady income.”

Steven then met the love of his life Rebecca Swett on October 28th, 1989 and was later married in The Old Round Church in Richmond, Vermont on August 28th, 1995. Steven then went back to school and went to Champlain College and Community College of Vermont. After 88 College Credits and a GPA of 3.72 while working full-time, Steven had enough of School and work “it became just too much after the years”. Steven has no college degree but had the discipline and work ethic to better himself through his education and has no regrets!

Steven’s acoustical reawakening happened when a fellow coworker Bob Clawson from his Bank of Vermont days where he worked as a 2nd shift Computer Operator (1989-1991), who by chance met 19 years later at the NEFCU parking lot South Burlington in the Summer of 2008. Bob had shared his battle with cancer and ask Steven if he could play him a song. “I said Sure! – I didn’t know Bob played guitar.” What happened next was nothing short of amazing, Bob played his heart out and sang at Steven’s car window! Steven was so moved by Bob and their conversation that after a few days, Steven decided to pickup the guitar again. Steven says; “I still had some rusty skills and they began to smooth out over time I then decided to purchase a new Taylor 814-ce Acoustic Guitar with the money I worked so hard to save through the years. I was amazed at what I could find on the internet for songs. There wasn’t an Internet when I began learning to play and I was blown away. “

By practicing daily for hours at a time, morning and night, for months and for the last 6 years Steven has caught up a bit and learned new techniques. “Writing songs when you have the years of life experiences to share is a blessing! “

Steven has 2 CD’s out: Acoustic Memories and Naturally Human which are Available on I-tunes. With his music, Steven has been able to incorporate a lot of his life’s lessons, experiences and emotion into his music and lyrics. The loss of loved ones passing with both parents, a step father, an older brother, a nephew, a younger brother-in-law and a good friend Jim, and another good friend Dutch – my first Dog, have been painful life lessons in grief Steven says.

“When you get to this term in our stage of life, you then begin to appreciate life and know that finality is real and heading your way. I wanted to share my music with you and I hope you find my music interesting for it comes from my heart and my life’s experiences. Songs of Happiness, Songs of Remembrance, Songs from Love, Songs to move you, and Songs with Spirit and songs that helped me pull out of my grieving funk. Please embrace my vision, enjoy how my music was created and from where it comes from. You will learn my story through reading and listening on this website.”

Steven is playing out around various places in Vermont when he has the time. Steven would like to form a band someday and if he can find the right folks, would like to go on tour!

I hope one day to be able to help the Homeless through Music using sales with Acoustic Memories with proceeds going toward starting a Foundation that will Purchase a working Farm to grow Organic Wholesome Good (totally Chemical Free) Produce and create wholesome products for sale to local communities.
Sales Proceeds would go to keeping the farm operational. It’s success could foster the opening of other farms in other states where there is a need to help the Homeless get back on their feet with a place to stay, work and grow!